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finding reliable landscapers, made easy

The Ride-sharing of Landscaping is a fresh way to find and hire contractors to satisfy your landscaping needs. I grew up doing landscaping, so this app was fun to design through that perspective. I aimed to find a way to relieve the stress of finding and scheduling landscapers, avoiding contracts, and holding contractors accountable for doing a job well, or not well. It's like if Angie's List and Lyft decided to go into business together.


Going into the design of this concept app, I focused on these key functionalities, (a) finding contractors near you, (b) securing their services, and (c) rating their work. I reviewed apps like Lyft, PrimeNow, and Zillow to help guide my overall design. These apps contributed to the foundation of location based services and how to profile a property.

To make sure met all the basic needs, I researched products that offer similar services. Most competitor apps offered a greater range of services like kitchen remodeling, heating & cooling, or electrical services. focuses only on landscaping and users can truly customize their requests (e.g. lawn mowing, potting a few flowers, or fixing a sprinkler line). Based on this,’s defining service is providing you with contractors on-demand.


I experimented with a customer onboarding journey when they first open the app. I approached this feature from a landscaper perspective by learning about a user’s property and how to assess a task. An example could be knowing whether your client requires a riding lawn mower or could do with a simple push mower. It would be tough for a contractor to complete the job if they didn’t have the tools necessary to complete it.

When I researched property profiles on Zillow and Redfin to get an idea of how to classify properties, I thought it would be fun if there was a way to integrate a Zillow API that could help a new user pull their property's profile on Zillow to quickly populate their profile info. I included that feature in the onboarding process in the ‘Property Size’ question since it felt like a question that no all users could answer off the top.

Style Guidelines

The guide I put together is nowhere near as in-depth as a guideline should be, which gave me a whole new level of respect for designers that work on guidelines and design systems. I chose a green-first color scheme to help users associate with landscaping. I was most proud of my iconography. All of the icons I used on the app were created by me in Sketch, which required a LOT of vectors.


After many failed lawn mower attempts, I landed on the blade of grass as’s logo. I also dabbled in creating my own text branding by creating my own font. I really like it, but I don’t think it flows with the rest of the app. It was really fun though, but it’ll probably take a few more iterations to get right.

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